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Join Maria Anouk’s Sensual Heels Workshops, where dance is your personal expression and heels are your tools for discovery, not just steps to perfection.

Dance Freely

In Maria Anouk’s workshops, we dance for ourselves. It’s all about finding your groove and letting your feelings guide you. Forget about copying steps; here, we dance the stories of our lives.

Maria Anouk’s classes are more than dance lessons; they’re a community. Together, we share, we laugh, and we might even shed a tear or two. It’s all about connecting — with the dance, with each other, and with ourselves.

Why this Workshop?

Emotional Expression

Let your feelings take the lead as you dance

Supportive Community

Share and grow in a space that values vulnerability and connection

Joyful movement

Rediscover the delight of dance, meant for enjoyment, not judgment

Personal storytelling

Your unique story fuels our choreography, making each movement meaningful

Maria anouk dans
Maria anouk dans

“This trend is heavily marketed as: come as a woman, feel sexy. While I think: this is gender transcendent! The fact that many choreographies consist of a laundry list of cliché moves doesn’t contribute to what it should really be about. That being sexy means something different for everyone. Just because heels give me a fierce feeling doesn’t mean that’s femininity.”

– Maria Anouk in NRC

What to know before you join


Choose comfy heels that let you express, not just impress


Bring knee pads to move boldly and safely


Don’t forget your water bottle to stay hydrated


Wear what makes you feel confident and allows freedom of movement

Ready to dance?

Embrace the dance that’s waiting inside you. Sign up today and find your unique way of expression through movement.

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